PlasticWOOD – A different choice

This modern flooring system is characterized by high modularity; it is specific for outdoor solutions (walls included) but also suitable for indoor use. Extremely versatile, it fits naturally every architectural style. Every single stave combines natural fibers, such as fir wood flour, with polymers such as polyethylene. This innovative combination gives exceptional standards of resistance keeping unchanged its extraordinary properties. Plasticwood does not require any maintenance process typical of noble wood flooring.
The system is reversible and easily repositionable. Thanks to an exclusive concept of fixing clips, it makes an easy access to pipelines and cables below the structure.

Our profiles have the following features:

• Increased durability, resistant to weather and climatic conditions
• Strong resistance to salt corrosion and mold attack
• Limited absorption of water
• Appearance similar to fine wood for outdoor
• Variety of colors available thanks to the thermoplastic matrix
• High production flexibility to reduce unnecessary waste (cut to size)

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