Interior landscaping

Bring positive energy to your space

We are expert in Interiorscaping, offering cohesive, fully integrated design plans that include all of the elements, including plants of any size and species, high quality planters and maintenance service. Our green solutions are not only enhancing the positive image of your company, but also contribute to create an healthier workplace, by improving indoor air quality, work performance and reducing stress level. We offer various contractual solutions that provide the possibility of the purchase or rental of planters and plants.

Advice & Planning

HW Style is proud to offer you with creative and modern green solutions that will make your office unique and more welcoming. With our landscape architects we design green areas to improve the look of your company and contribute to the wellbeing of your employees, colleagues, costumers or associates.Recent studies made by the European Union Academia have shown that having plants in workplaces contributes to create a healthier environment, by improving indoor air quality, work performance and reducing stress level.In order to provide you with the best service possible, our green experts will do a site survey at your location, we verify the conditions/positions of natural light and suggest the right solution suitable for your environment. We offer a wide range of plants and a wide range of pots with different materials, colors and shapes, offering endless creative combinations.


For interior we use plants in hydroponics. The hydroponics is the art of growing green without the use of soil, using expanded clay balls as a substrate. The main advantages of hydroponics than the traditional system are:
• Cleaner due both to the absence of organic material (soil) and the use of pots with water tank reserve (no risk of wet floors)
• Absence of parasites, bacteria and odors
• Longer life of plants
• Less maintenance. For plants in hydroponics, we calculate an average of service every 30 days
• Easy to manage

Contract and maintenance solutions

We offer various contractual solutions:
1) Purchase and scheduled maintenance of plants and containers
2) Rental and scheduled maintenance of plants and containers
3) Scheduled maintenance of the plants already in your property.
Our technicians will give your plants all the attention necessary to stay as beautiful as their first day. Maintenance consists in several actions such as watering, fertilizing, cleaning the leaves, cleaning the containers, pruning and/or fungicides/pesticides treatment (with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products). The maintenance service also includes a free of charge replacement of any dead plant.
Our qualified technicians do all operations, which means zero effort for the client. After each visit we fill a summary report in order to maintain maximum transparency with each client. Also our office is available for accurate reporting and for more information. We work all over the country with the support of our certified technicians.