Ambient scent solutions

Scent solutions for your brand

HW Style is a market leader in Scent Marketing, an innovative way to strengthen brand identity and improve air quality. We are introducing Air/Q Scent Delivery System, a patented droplet generator system capable of converting aqueous liquids into dry plumes of ultra-fine micro droplets, measuring less than 1 micron in diameter.
Air/Q is equipped with an electronic system, where you can set scent intensity and schedule release times. It can also be used in the HVAC system and it guarantees the homogeneous diffusion of your fragrance.

Air/Q, the fragrance diffuser ideal for any environment
Three different versions are available: Air/Q 100, Air/Q 550, Air/Q 1200.


The brand identity of a company is always symbolized by its logo; this allows identifying the brand and its products from other competitors.
Brand identity helps communicate with customers, it generates confidence in final purchase decisions and it provides a personal gratification by making customers emotionally closer to the brand.

The olfactory logo (now a must to have in the marketing toolbox) helps identify the brand with a pleasant fragrance. The scent of a brand is now an important part for your brand identity, and as a result, the smell becomes a key factor to differentiate yourself and strengthen your brand identify in a meaningful way. Customers will vividly remember your brand (and yours products); their excitement is brought to the next level.

The tangible advantage of Scent Design is that embraces the entire space. A diffused scent generates great feelings and arouses emotions. Customers will be transported in a new dimension where positive associations are triggered and memories creatively activated.
Through our scent delivering system Air/Q we will design your olfactory logo. Our goal is to enhance the image of your company by introducing Scent Marketing.

Delivering a scent in your environment allows you to create a positive emotional response in your customers, this association will help our limbic system to keep the memory of that great feeling and give positive connotations to your products.

Air/Q Scent System can be used to make your commercial space unique, to add a sophisticated welcoming effect in your hotel, or to make pleasant and stimulating the working environment for your employees.

In order to accomplish this remarkable result, we offer different types of scent diffusers with different sizes and capacities. We will suggest you the appropriate device according to your needs, location and desired effect.

We offer a wide and unique range of fragrances made with 100% certified (IFRA and OSHA) ingredients with the highest standards of quality; solvent-free and without chemical propellants.

With our Award Winners Master Perfumers we can design a Signature Scent for your brand. Through the expertise of our chemists, and in collaboration with the marketing department of your company we will guide you in choosing the perfect Signature Scent.

Air/Q Ambient Scenting System is for rental; it includes maintenance (by our certified technicians) with a periodic check of the equipment and a scent refill.

  • Air/Q100
  • airQ-100
  • Usage: on tables or shelves
    Capacity: 90ml – 110/220 VAC
    Volume: 300m³
    Size: 133X139x140 mm
    Weight: 1,41 Kg

  • Air/Q550
  • airQ-550
  • Usage: wall or track lighting installation
    Capacity: 250ml/265ml – 110/220 VAC
    Volume: 800m³
    Size: 203x203X84 mm
    Weight: 2,6 Kg

  • Air/Q1200
  • airQ-1200
  • Usage: on walls or HVAC systems
    Capacity: 1l – 110/220 VAC
    Volume: 4000 m³
    Size: 97,7×342,9×177,8 mm
    Weight: 5,6 Kg