About us


In 1988 HW Style began its business providing plants in hydroponics for interior design. Later, with the acquisition of demanding customers, such as large corporations and banking groups, the company expanded its focus, getting specialized also in the design of exterior landscaping.


HW Style allows you to choose the solution that best suits your needs. We provide design, accomplishment and constant maintenance of your green solutions, with different contractual formulas: purchase or rental program.
In both formulas we offer a maintenance program, which consists in a monthly visit by one of our accredited green specialists. We will do all the operations necessary to maintain the plants and gardens in perfect condition and also ensure the replacement of eventual dead plants.
In addition to that, we offer a wide range of complementary services targeted to the furnishing and the welfare of your office space:
• Living Green Walls: a true “Vertical Garden” feasible both inside and outside of your building. This particular patented structure can transform a simple wall in a refined architectural solution.
• Air/Q: an innovative way to strengthen brand identity by using Scent Design solutions. It can be used as marketing tool or to simply improve air quality inside your commercial spaces.
• Christmas & trees decorations: handy festive decorations, particularly suitable for receptions, showrooms and retail stores. We have also a variety of Christmas Stars perfect for decorating your workplace, or in the festive period, to be used as great gifts.